CTW Training

CTW has been developing globally customized and appropriate training for employees of major companies both in the office automation segment and in the area of ERP business software since the mid-1980s.

Our training courses have always been closely related to actual practice, strongly oriented to the participants and sensitive to the special requirements of the company.

We stand for

  • Individual consulting and many years of experience in the preparation, conception and realization of complex training projects.
  • Training development with a high degree of development expertise for the implementation of specific concepts, training scenarios and the widest possible range of learning documentation and products.
  • Precise application of the widest possible range of teaching methods and learning aids, starting from classic classroom training with qualified and experienced trainers up to blended learning concepts utilizing the most modern training techniques and an extremely varied mixture of methods.
  • A company with employees motivated in the sporting sense - employees with whom it is a pleasure to work.




Training makes masters

tl_files/ctw/images/training1.jpg...remains as true today in our dynamic modern world as it ever was before.

Well-trained employees are the medium and long-term guarantee that your company will be able to earn profits and save costs.

The possibilities for such training range well beyond just classroom instruction or individual eLearning on the computer.

If employees are not systematically trained, they frequently develop into lone wolves, keeping their hard-earned knowledge to themselves and thus sealing themselves off.

Training courses improve the working atmosphere

tl_files/ctw/images/training2.jpg...something that we experience again and again over the years.

Training courses bring information out into the open and pass it on. This process has a rapid positive effect on your workforce and its individual members, who recognize that obstruction just doesn’t make sense.



We can be the only contact you need when it comes to training your employees. We can also take care of the following areas independently as part of a training project:

  • Planning and conception
  • Provision of the learning environment or training rooms in all of Europe
  • Implementation and organization of the measure
  • Project control
  • Results / target control


Here is a short overview of some of the training projects we have carried out:

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NSC training for the finance area of a major automobile manufacturer - worldwide blended training project for around 700 participants

The training program target group comprised around 700 employees of the management and the financial areas of the national sales companies of a globally operating Swedish automobile manufacturer. The content of the courses was the changes to the income statement and the introduction of a new financial system. The difficulties faced by the training method comprised the distribution of the participants around the entire world, their extremely variable availability and their freely selectable working hours.
Classroom training or training in online classrooms were therefore not suitable options. Instead, each financial employee was able to determine their own time slot for the training within a short window of two weeks. Nonetheless, successful completion of the individual courses had to be both possible and verifiable. This was accomplished by developing an eLearning system in the form of electronic single point lessons (learning units of approximately 25 minutes duration). The units were each delivered to the target groups via an access-controlled Web portal in a fortnightly rhythm. Each Single Point Lesson contained SCORM-compatible test questions and a feedback mechanism to determine whether the learning unit had been run through successfully. A helpdesk offered by CTW in parallel was available to explain questions and provide follow-up. The learning concept with helpdesk received substantial recognition worldwide and was praised by the customer’s CFO as a state-of-the-art learning concept.

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A blended training project for a new vehicle order system for approximately 1,200 participants

In 2003, we were entrusted with the conception, development and later execution of the training for the European new vehicle ordering system of one of our automobile manufacturing customers. The method used was blended learning. A CD with the CBT system developed by CTW was sent to over 1,000 German dealers. The dealer planners had to complete the courses and achieve a minimum test score as preconditions for their participation in a subsequently planned classroom training course to deepen their knowledge. This was carried out very successfully with five trainers teaching in parallel in seminar rooms provided by our partner firms in 12 German cities over a period of about four months.

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LMS Launch Training - Training project for approximately 800 participants

The LMS training project was developed by CTW as a launch / system introduction training within a very short time. The training concept was planned, the system language translated into German, and the training material developed for the online training booking and management system. The classroom training, which was carried out in a decentralized fashion, was conceived in such a way that the participants were able to fulfil the responsible role of a local user administrator immediately on completion of the course. Furthermore, the trainer was also responsible for system administration tasks such as setting up the individual users before and during the training course. CTW took on the planning and logistics for carrying out the training throughout Germany including booking rooms, catering and hotels.

The customer - a major Italian group - was extremely satisfied with the success of the training project carried out by CTW.

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Training project for a global development release system

Training & Support
Product development

We have been looking after the global release system of one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers since the end of the 1980s. After the original conception and implementation of the classroom training for several thousand users from the areas of product development, manufacturing, procurement and finance, training solutions specific to specialist areas were developed. The integration of the fundamental business processes was always in the foreground alongside the functional training of the specific system components.

Suppliers have also been numbered among the users of this system for several years and thus as customers of ours.

We offer training and support worldwide in the English, French and German languages.  CTW covers training requirements in the regions of Europe and Asia.