Rollout & Support

In the long term the introduction of new IT products is an effective investment with a considerable financial scope and strategic impact for the company. Many projects, though, fail through missing communication and insufficient awareness of affected user groups. We will support you in taking your users safely to the new environment, in a target- and process-oriented approach.

Whether its analysis, conception or introduction of IT systems - we will make use of the know-how we gained in more than 25 years.


We develop for and with you...

strategies for launch and change management,
activities to implement new processes,
implementation and support infrastructure

  • Launch Support
  • Deployment
  • Project Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Data acquisition
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Evaluation methods to assure sustainable project control

All processes and activities will be realised in close cooperation with you employees to the point of end user training and launch support, respectively.


Some examples:

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Launch support for the implementation of a global  purchasing system  (Oracle iProcure) at a big automobile manufacturer.

CTW supported this global project with an overall budget of some hundred Million $ by providing 4 employees for a period of 5 years. To support the rollout our customer required expertise in their own procurement and purchasing business processes and systems. As our employees had worked as trainers and 2nd level support staff they were well grounded in the technical background of the mainframe systems that were going to be replaced. They delivered outstanding support for project groups like the IT business lead, change management, technical program and the training team. Until today 2 of our employees are members of the post launch "2nd Level Helpdesk Support".



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Rollout of the European procurement systems (ERP) for the national sales companies of a globally operating automotive company

Successful rollout and support for the ERP procurement systems in the national sales companies (NSCs) of one of the world’s largest automotive companies in seventeen European countries. The rollout project comprised the creation and customization of country-specific requirements in cooperation with the responsible groups up to and including implementation, awareness and execution of the training measures with subsequent after-launch support. The measures were implemented during the period from 2008 to 2010. Additional NSCs will follow in the coming years.


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Rollout support for a specification and order system for machinery maintenance operations

CTW carried out the rollout of and launch support for an area-specific specification and order system from the specification to the Requirements Notification/Requisition on behalf of the maintenance unit of an automobile manufacturer’s production plant. This measure comprised the program specification, accompanying the development phases up to and including rollout of the system during continuing operations. A train-the-trainer concept was used for end-user training, and enabled the relatively large number of participants to be trained within a short phase of only around three weeks.

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Launch training for automotive dealerships in Germany


A new warranty processing system was launched as a Web application for the automotive dealerships of a manufacturer. All dealers were trained close to the launch date.


  • CTW developed a one-day classroom training module. Since a training system was not available, the module was conceived as a mixture of training using the live system and, for the critical actions, training in a simulation.
  • CTW planned the training sessions at nine locations in Germany over a period of three weeks.
  • The automotive dealerships registered their employees for the desired dates online via the CTW booking system.
  • The training sessions were carried out by multiple trainers working in parallel.
  • The trainers and the manufacturer’s experts were linked online during the training sessions to facilitate the direct exchange of experience, questions/answers and suggestions.


The training was successfully carried out for all automotive dealerships within a short period of time. The training sessions were held in professionally equipped IT classrooms. The travel time to the training sessions was less than one hour for 80 percent of the participants. The training sessions were evaluated as achieving an average score of 1.5 on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 6 (inadequate).