Helpdesk services

We also offer our helpdesk services for end-user support after a system has been launched. A fast and smoothly functioning helpdesk is - alongside the training concept for new employees - an important element of the task of maintaining the employees’ level of knowledge and extending it with new information, as well as of solving problems.

We help to work out concepts to maintain and pass on knowledge by introducing a new process or system. Our fundamental efforts are always directed towards minimizing future helpdesk queries by providing comprehensive explanations.

By means of the helpdesk, we actively contribute to making the required knowledge available via appropriate channels, assist employee training and make use of the available resources of knowledge.

tl_files/ctw/images/helpdesk.jpgWe also provide:

  • Creation of holistic training and learning concepts from classic classroom training to blended learning
  • Establishment and implementation of helpdesks
  • Carrying out support measures
  • Knowledge transfer and continuing training of system users
  • Building up the knowledge database


You will find us to be an expert partner in all areas associated with support, such as evaluation and statistical analyses, as well as in the field of special software solutions.

A selected example:

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Implementation of a 2nd level helpdesk for the ERP procurement systems of a major automobile manufacturer

CTW has been under contract to provide 2nd level helpdesk support for globally used procurement systems since the year 2000. Three analysts answer inquiries from around 6,000 worldwide end users of the ten supported ordering and procurement systems by telephone, e-mail or NetMeeting using the most modern helpdesk tools. In addition to purely analyst’s tasks, specific departments at our customer, such as Business Program Management, specialist departments responsible for specifying purchase orders or for procurement were continually supported by means of consultations, system administration or management reports.